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The Pluto Diaries:

confessions of a former ninth planet


a Novel in Cartoons

"The Pluto Diaries is science fiction meets

historical fiction meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid."



One day you're the ninth planet in the Solar System. The next day you're a ...what?

Across the Universe bells tolled on August 24, 2006.  That was the day the Planet Club lost its smallest, and perhaps most beloved member.  The oddball planet who lived on the dark fringes of the Solar System. The one who proved you didn't have to be big to compete with the "big guys."

And then there were eight....

Suddenly, "Everybody's Favorite Planet" was a planet no more. Demoted. Downgraded. Stripped of status. There are a hundred different ways to say it, but they all boiled down to one thing for Pluto, 7th grade student at Kuiper Belt Middle School: losing a life-long dream of being in the Planet Club.

Faced with a dilemma no space object would envy,  Pluto was forced to ponder life's great mysteries:

What exactly is a dwarf planet anyway?

When is a name just a name?

What should a space object do when it seems the whole Universe believes you're less than you really are? 

Is there a way back into the Planet Club?

And perhaps most challenging of all: Once you've been "plutoed," how do you redeem yourself?

The Planet with a Heart tells all in this humorous, cartoon-packed confessional that details the history, the science, and the human emotion surrounding Pluto's controversial fall to dwarf planethood  We've heard from Those Involved what happened to Pluto that fateful day in Science, but what does Pluto have to say about it? It is finally time for Pluto to speak on his own behalf.

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