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Welcome to PlutoShine Press!  Here you can find the children's books I've released and read about upcoming books I'm working on. You can also find free downloadable activity packs specially created to supplement my books, as well as links to purchase my books on

The Night Luna's Light Went Out

Fiction. When self-conscious Luna realizes she can never compare with magnificent Earth, she puts her moonbeams away for good. But the consequences are far more severe than she could ever have imagined! Will Luna get her light back before it's too late? A sciencey tale of cosmic friendship that proves every body in our solar system has a special and important role to play.
  - Available Now!

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My First Book of Dwarf Planets:

Non-fiction. Know a little outer space fan who loves Pluto and the dwarf planets? Ever wished kids' space books spent more than a measly page or two on the little guys that populate our solar system? My First Book of Dwarf Planets has you covered with a fun, easy-to-follow focus on our solar system’s amazing small planets, made especially for kids ages 6-8!   - Available Now!

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5 Little Dwarf Planets: A Rhyming Solar System Book

Picture book - fiction/nonfiction blend. A playful, science-packed introduction to Pluto and the dwarf planets told in sweet rhyming couplets. Introduce the solar system's five dwarf planets to children ages 3-8 with this fun planetary tale that proves small planets can shine just as bright as big ones. Our solar system has amazing planets! But the smallest among them hold scientific wonders we are only just beginning to understand. This is THEIR story. Introduce your child to the delightful little worlds we call “dwarf planets” with this science-filled tale told in rhyming verse that celebrates the wondrous diversity of our solar system and the surprising power in being small.   - Available Now!

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Jupiter the Gassy Giant:

Picture book - fiction/nonfiction blend. Jupiter loves his gassy surface. If only every body felt the same way! Moons Io and Ganymede are in for some aromatic surprises as they take a whiff of the Solar System’s Gassiest Giant. But can two moons who don’t know the joys of a gassy surface learn to appreciate the pungent aroma of their ginormous host planet? Take a deep dive into the scents of Jupiter with this adorable picture book as you enjoy a unique story approach to children’s astronomy and chemistry.  - Available Now!

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Jupiter the Gassy Giant Book Trailer
Mockup Puzzle Pack for Jupiter Gassy Giant 3D Mockup 1 of 7 worksheets spread like a fan w

My First Book of Pluto:

Non-fiction. Blast off to Pluto and learn more about the dwarf planet with a heart! My First Book of Pluto is an awesome companion book to My First Book of Dwarf Planets. Using inspiring space images and easy-to-understand text, it goes above and beyond to explore the icy rockstar Pluto in more depth. How was Pluto discovered? How on earth did Pluto get that amazing heart? What other big features does the tiny world have on it? And what about that planet “canceling” everybody’s always talking about? A must-have for little space buffs and Pluto fans.  - Coming Soon!

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Space Notebooks and Composition Books

Send your little Pluto fan back to school in style with these composition books with fun, spacey covers.

•  Planet Pluto Composition Notebook (wide ruled)
• Pluto Meets New Horizons Composition Notebook (wide ruled)
•  Pluto Never Forget Notebook (college ruled)
•  Pluto Planet Material Notebook (college ruled)


  - Available Now!

k-2 Primary Composition Notebook with Creative Writing Prompts

The perfect write-and-draw composition notebook for little ones who love space! Blank picture space and dashed midlines give beginning writers the ideal canvas for telling their stories. Fifty creative writing prompts with nature and astronomy themes will get their creativity sparkling like stardust!   - 

  - Available Now!

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