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Kathleen Field

Kathleen Skidmore Field is a writer based in San Francisco.

"Truth is often stranger than fiction."


Kathleen was drawn to the story of Pluto's demotion for its human parallels and for the humor she found built in to the real-life drama.


She is not afraid to find humor in science and history or to poke gentle fun at the follies of human nature. She believes we are healthiest when we recognize both the possibilities and the shortcomings of Science, which is, after all, the product of a talented, but flawed, human race.


A linguist at heart, who once planned to become a language researcher, Kathleen believes the debate over Pluto's planethood is primarily a linguistic one. The way words affect us, in the Pluto-Planet controversy and elsewhere in life, is a testament to the power of language to make us think and feel.  We use language to construct our Universe, and it, in turn, sways us to view that Universe in particular ways.


Kathleen thinks all of the planets in the Planet Club are pretty cool and it's hard to choose a favorite. She grew more fond of each of them the more she learned and the more she wrote. She dares suggest that "language" might be as cool and study-worthy as Pluto itself, and that's saying something. 


As for Pluto being resinstated into the Planet Club, she definitely wouldn't mind, but she also knows she has absolutely no say in the matter and is content to leave that decision to those who have a much deeper knowledge on the topic. Still, she can't help but root for "The Planet with a Heart."

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